Welcome To Starwide

Welcome to Starwide! This is an app for sharing content the way it should be. Join other online creators and share your interests, art, and videos all in one place.


Upload and Share media with whoever whenever you want. From viral videos to funny comics, we have something for everyone.

Originals and Timed Exclusives

See some of our original masterpieces before they hit the rest of the internet or any of our closely Affiliated Studios.


Earn monthly revenue just like you would on Patreon or Ko-Fi or one-time donations in the form of gifts and extras for fans on stuff you already post. Don’t forget to offer rewards for those who support you. We even have shared revenue options available. 


Made content already? No problem. You can import images and videos directly with URL and HTML embedding through our upload manager. We support YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Deviant Art, FaceBook, X, and so much more. 


Unlike a lot of media-sharing sites, we allow people to share content with much less restrictive policies and principles to further push creativity without repressing a creator’s vision. As long as it’s allowed in the U.S., it’s fine here. To find out more, check out our community guidelines. 


We love to make updates all of the time. These updates mostly happen online, so even with the app, you don’t have to worry about downloading any serious updates.

The App

The app is available on our website. Due to content restrictions, you may be unable to find the mobile or desktop app on various app stores. But you can find it on our very own original website 100% for free. It’s available for Android, Mac OS, windows, and most versions of Linux.