About Starwide

Starwide is a media sharing and micro-blog hosting platform for content ranging from video, photos, blog articles, and audio. Creators from the Americas and UK are represented as artists and can even have several opportunities to earn revenue by raising funding or offering paid subscriptions. 

Starwide hosts its media through many outlets online but in addition to being a platform, Starwide is also its own original network for its own media. The spotlight is ours as much as it is yours. 


To begin, due to the mature amounts of media, the youngest age to start interacting with content and forums must be at least 16 years old. Starwide has a wide range of audiences to consider but it’s noting that not all our material (even material that’s created originally by Starwide) is for everyone. It is only because some content may be seen as controversial or in most cases extreme. 

There may be some cases where creators may develop or write material that’s a lot more family-friendly but in these cases, we’re leaving it up to individuals to figure out if the material in question is well enough for their children to handle. But in case not please remember to pay close attention to the rating systems found on some of the content. 


Starwide has different types of media from blog post articles to full-length videos. You can post short vids, photos, comics, illustrations, blogs, articles, poems, music, podcasts, and live feeds just to name a few. Many other creators also contribute to this library which allows them to use Starwide as a vehicle for both recognition and a way to earn commissions.

The Company:

The company and its soul-owned subsidiaries are both employee and community-owned. We use a virtual work environment to avoid unfavorable or needless crunch periods, practice intuitive work ethics, and provide digital remote resources as a standard. 

The community:

The community has the privilege of submitting, placing, posting, and sometimes editing various forms of media. As such it is almost more of an open forum gallery than it is social media. The community can also vote to see if certain forms of content should be rated, moderated, reposted, or even band. Although, they may need to refer to community guidelines before setting up poles to make up large executive decisions seen here. The community guidelines also act as the overall rules for this web application or any website or app release from Starwide. 


First founded in 2013, the project started as a classroom experiment as a private social network meant to compete against Facebook. It had featured a lot of the same commands as its competitors but ultimately after several name changes and changes in concept the project eventually grew to be more involved with video sharing and vlogging. But then the focus began to quickly change to doing all sorts of media after getting involved with newer forms of technology and became the new platform you see today. In 2020 it was first reintroduced as a video sharing platform and now has traded in all sorts of media.

Starwide produces web content, animations, live-action shorts, animated advertisements, desktop, and mobile applications, as well as interactive media such as video games and simulations. However, we’re mostly known for our online short films and website applications.