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As a way to say thank you for being “out of this world”, we’re bringing you bi-weekly anthologies of our favorite DUST films.

Our third compilation might cause a malfunction –

“Technology” Collection Features:
“LIMBO” by Andrew Morris & Rob Silva
One man’s search for his kidnapped daughter causes his reality to unravel.

“Untitled Earth Sim 64” by Jonathan Wilhelmsson
A woman is faced with existential crisis after learning that the universe is an untitled simulation.

“Beam” by Jesse Gi
A down-on-her-luck thief, gifted with a teleportation device, must fulfill one final job in order to save her family.

“It’s Okay” by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh
In this Black Mirror-esque tale, a couple revisit key moments of their past, only for their memories to take an unexpected turn.

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00:00 LIMBO
24:43 Untitled Earth Sim 64
31:10 Beam
44:12 It’s Okay


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  1. Wow technology changes so fricken fast lol. I think my favorite piece of tech was my first iphone…ahh such memories. Great job on your video!

  2. Limbo: a brilliant and dramatic adaptation of Zhuang Tzu's dream. "One night I dreamed I was a butterfly, and when I awoke I did not know whether it was I who had dreamed, or it was a butterfly that now dreamed I was Zhuang Tzu."

  3. Limbo: una genial y dramática adapación del sueño de Zhuang Tzu. "Una noche soñé que era una mariposa, y al despertar no sabía si era yo quien había soñado, o era una mariposa que ahora soñaba ser Zhuang Tzu",

  4. Wow that story Beam at min 31:07 is good writing, very simple screen play, and props, locations, but wow, I was stuck to the screen wanting to know what will happen next.

  5. Wow, these shorts were good and left me wondering if another version of me wont like this and give it a thumbs down? Hmmm, just in case, "Shut up other me!!".. Now I feel better.. Or, was I programmed to express that? Gosh, I just don't know… I think my brain is wacked out on DUST…??

  6. Limbo, kimmy is missing, but no idea what happened or if she was found. Supposedly, the man was really innocent, but no hint if it was actually true. It would have been great to have a few more hints.

  7. "Limbo" leaves you wanting more.
    In "Untitled Earth Sim 64" at least her friend indicates the obvious when she says, "You've discovered God." Expanding on the obvious – simulation hypothesis is nothing more than a dysfunctional replacement for the theistic god hypothesis – i.e, simulation hypothesis is regressive, illogical and irrelevant. However, the short film itself was funny and quite entertaining.

  8. DUST is great and I especially like, that I don´t have to wait 1,5 h to get to the end (because I´m so damn impatient). Nevertheless where is a movie bug in the part "Beam" – do you find it? 😉

  9. This is my 1st time watching Dust shorts, if all the stories end like this it'll be my last. It's like watching half of a movie, I'm just not imaginative enough to give them satisfactory endings.

  10. Just a little more time, what we all want in life with the ones we love. A little more time, and the chance to say we're sorry for all the mistake we've made in our relationships before we can't say it.. Just a little more time.. : (

  11. Wow. You transport me into alternative realities.

    Good stuff. Really good stuff. Many thanks! Please keep doing it. It's beautiful, intriguing, sometimes scary. Thought-provoking. What was that old IBM motto? "THINK". You do that. A+

  12. Conspiracy sifi's I love, Fact or fiction?. Are we all digital CGI humans & we're laying somewhere hooked up to machine. Great story lines in both these short films, flowed well & actors all gelled.

  13. I love science fiction. It brings up theoretical questions that might actually happen. "What if" scenario's. Kinda like batman. He doesn't have super powers but plays with the big boys (superman and others). What if a super micro hydrolic suit was invented? What do you do with super powers? Thank you DUST! Oats Studios has some great material too.

  14. If the roles were reversed, the wife's lawyer would tell August his wife has a part in the house and he cannot sell it out from under him.

  15. On Simulation #64: "… we've had some budget cuts". LOL…and that last one…what a tearjerker! Another technology that will go from sci fi to reality sooner than we think…

  16. I love British motion picture arts. They are not hung up on having perfect-looking people on screen. It’s nice to know that somewhere in this world average-looking people are appreciated.

  17. The only issue I have with these mini movies in general is that they never explain the story, like give us some hints… I get that they are trying to let us fill in the blanks but come on, don't just end the story in the middle, how hard would it be to have a proper ending