MASKED (Trans Short Film)

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Did someone Say PART 2!? ?

MASKED follows the story of High Schooler, Zoe, struggling to come out as a trans man. After knowing who they truly are for a while, Zoe finds themselves fatigued by their fear of whether others will accept them or not.

MASKED was created in conjunction with the 15-18 year old’s from the Knox ‘ Free To Be Me’ LGBTQIA Youth group. The project is proudly supported & funded by Knox City Council, YAC Vic & the Victorian State Government.




Thanks to Ash Hardell for allowing us to use their video.

NOTE: MASKED’ is a work of fiction. No connections between the video ‘I’m Trans’ and the
simulated comment section of the video are intended nor connected.
Sequences in the film may have been edited and represented in a way to
best serve the narrative & do not reflect the fan base & community of Ash Hardell.

Full credit list from 12:54

SUPPORT (Australia)

LIFELINE: 13 11 14
BEYOND BLUE: 1300 22 4636
KIDS HELPLINE: 1800 55 1800


WARNING: This short film is protected under the copyright laws of the Australian Government and other countries throughout the world. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying (yes, that means you viral video facebook / instagram pages) of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. All music credits at end of video. Licensed through the relevant parties.

Copyright © 2019 Momentum Studios Australia
Sub-Licensed to Knox City Council (Australia)



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  1. I can still remember asking my mom for a binder and getting scared halfway and telling her that it was for school and not the kind for my chest. I nearly had a goddamn heart attack

  2. Hahaha its that time of the year again were I contemplate coming out and then proceed to never do it

  3. I- how did they get footage or me a few months ago?

    Not me getting triggered about the mom because she’s like mine. Told me the exact same thing. Tried to make me feel better. But isn’t very good at it.

  4. Honestly, I absolutely hated gendered parties in general my entire life.
    Why couldn't we all just be birthday people, instead of birthday boys/girls?
    It didn't make sense to me, and the gender coded gifts even less.
    So seeing such a pink, girly-girl birthday party felt like it was organised by people who didn't know anything about the birthday person, only knowing the assumed gender, and made assumptions purely based on stereotypes.
    It's no wonder Zach didn't like his own birthday party, especially since the people organising it knew he didn't like that style at all (his mom even mentioned knowing this as she hands him the dress)
    Even many girls, regardless of whether they're trans or cis, don't like that style of birthday.
    It's so painful to watch, especially knowing my own son still goes through this sometimes, because his grandmother (not my mom) sees him as her dress up doll, for all the frilly dresses, cute hairstyles, and make up he hates and than give him dysphoria.
    And seeing Zach smile at the end of the film reminds me of the smile my son had when he got his first binder.
    I think most parents want to see their child happy, and by supporting our children in their transition, even if it's just a haircut and a change in wardrobe, we make sure they find that happiness.

  5. The bit about him reading the hate comments gets to me. Like, the universe or God or whatever you wanna say, hated me enough to make me be born in the wrong body, have to go through this life of pain and misery. And then literally everyone else ALSO seems to hate me for being born in a way I can't help and just wanting to be happy in my own skin.

    When the circumstances of your birth, your life, and other people all give pretty consistent signals like this, it's no wonder so many of us can't take the pressure and end it…

  6. The scene of scrolling through the comments – it always feels so icky when the transphobic comment gets more likes than the trans ally's comment.

  7. This was a beautiful story about the importance of listening to and looking out for your family and friends. The mother was so busy rushing around and she never paid enough attention to her child. You could see that she loved her son but she didn't listen enough. The friend was the opposite. They noticed all the signs and warnings of someone who was struggling. They also knew exactly how to lift their friends spirit

  8. I cannot feel a trans males pain as i was born Male. But something i can say is to any trans mascs out there, there may be bad people that hate trans people but don’t listen to them as you are loved and you are real men ❤️

  9. Came here after coming out to my mother, it didn't go well. She didn't do anything really wrong. I told her I was trans, she ask me what was that… I told her I didn't felt confortable being a woman, the first thing she said after was that there was nothing I could do and that was what I got. She didn't even take a moment she just said it, and I know that doesn't mean she do not suport me, I just wasn't emocionally prepared for that. I will try again some other time, for now I told my mother that it never happend and we will not talk about it until i'm ready. And thanks to this I now know it wasn't and empty promise.

  10. 4:50 that scene just hit hard for me. Seeing transphobia and homophobia breaks my heart. And the mom trying comfort Zach but instead making things worse. This was a very small interaction between me and my mom, and it seems like nothing, but it was something to me. One time my mom called me pretty, and I was feeling more masculine. She meant it as a compliment, but it felt like an insult.