How To Deep Clean Your Computer

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Since we are all going to have a lot more time on our hands, why not take this opportunity to give your computer a nice deep cleaning like its never had before!

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  1. me watching this after not opening my custom built pc for almost 3 years now debating how to best tackle the layers of dust

  2. Compressed air is vastly better than anything else. Like anything else use a little common sense and you'll be fine. Signed 30 years experience……lol

  3. see im the oposiite. my shit is so bad i need to deep clean but im scared ima fuck shit up so now i think about it ima ask someone to do it for me lol

  4. you can use a compressor if you just treat it like a heat gun.. keep it moving, you don't have to dial it down too much, just keep it moving baby

  5. Why would u need a filter on exhsust? Seems it would hold back the air from exiting as easily. I can see when it's off to help dust settling but running seems pointless.

  6. I just haul my computer outside onto the sidewalk and blow all the dust into the yard with a corded air blower.

  7. 12 Years ago when I was still a kid. I used my dad's compressor in the garage. I eventually came to the fans and it spun so fast all the LED's in the entire pc turned on and I absolutely shat myself thinking I killed my pc. Needless to say I never did that again.

  8. After a few minutes scrolling the comments, I am surprised that absolutely no one made any reference to canned compressed air and the dangers of tilting the can, resulting in fluid getting on components. Maybe I am showing my age but I always keep 2 or 3 cans on hand for my seasonal cleaning – 3 or 4 times per year. Is it a thing to NOT used canned air? Buy a six pack for better value. I also always remove the CPU fan to clean the heatsink, then remove the heatsink for new thermal paste. It has just become a habit. I enjoy cleaning my gear. Feels just like a fresh install of Windows after the updates are done. A fresh start – OCD relieved.

  9. to instantly clean my pc. I buy probably 10 gallon of 91% iso and pour it in a fish tank. I then unplug my pc and proceed to dip it in the tank 3-6 times depending on how dirty it is. then I go buy a new pc.

  10. I've not cleaned my PC for 5 years. it has a Titan Xp with the blower cooler.. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like, wish me luck.

  11. Vinegar for glass. Hate the smell when used for cleaning but it is superior to any other cleaner both in price and finish

  12. decent air compressors have pressure regulators. Turn them down to a discreet level. and don't force the air nozzle into tight spaces. And yes, dryers are important

  13. Does it matter what Windex you use? i.e is it ok to just use windex original or will the Ammonia damage the tempered glass?