Rather Than Comparing Straight Black Men To White Men, Black Women Should Compare Black Men To Gays

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Intersecting the Academic Gender Gap: The Education of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual America

Does It Get Better? Recent Estimates of Sexual Orientation and Earnings in the United States




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  1. It's funny how straight BM don't want to be compared to WM — but they stay comparing BW to non-black women. The system is only rigged because WM built a system to be rigged in the first place. There was nothing stopping BM from building their own system and doing the same thing to WP. These studies don't surprise me at all. I don't think they surprise anyone. Now that I'm thinking about it, what are the gay BM's socials from the other day? The guy that was running those WP. Thanks.

  2. Go take a tour of Appalachian Holler life. All white people are not born with an advantage. Some of us weren't even born with running water

  3. All of this overcompensation reminds me of “Black African Immigrants” who “claim” that they are supposedly outperforming Black Americans People.

    In reality Black Africans are doing what Black Americans have always done which is overcompensation.

    Black Africans are dealing with the First Disadvantage of all of the negative media and stereotypes about Africa. Second, they are also dealing with the Disadvantage of being of the Black Race.

    So when they come to The United States they try to OVERCOMPENSATE by competing against Black Americans. They will try to get more degrees than Black Americans and they will also try to get more Advance Degrees than Black Americans.

    Then they claim to get all of these degrees because they place a High Value on Education and they are supposedly better than Black Americans.

    In reality they get all of those degrees to overcompensate for their “Blackness” and their “Africaness”.

    Furthermore Black Africans also get all of those degrees to try to prove that they deserve to be in The United States so that they don’t get sent back to Africa. They try to use the negative stereotypes about Black Americans to make themselves look as if they are a better Black People.

    However if you look beneath the surface you will see what is really going on. K

  4. In other words,

    Black Gay men are OVERCOMPENSATING for the First Disadvantage of being Black and the Second Disadvantage of being gay.

    Black People here in The United States have always had to overcompensate for our Blackness being a disadvantage.
    There is nothing new here. K

  5. Remember Cyn G went on Jesse Lee Peterson show and admitted Da Whyte system Destroyed the Black Community lol, And now she is saying something else.

  6. You should make a video about the black gay male pastors and how their changing the religious and the church rules

  7. Well I Agree I wonder why them street gangs never target racist police or racist hate groups but will fight each other warriors don't do that cowards do

  8. “Studies show” ??
    There is no way you can know for sure if gay men are smarter than straight men on average. Also most of these IQ tests are are culturally biased.