WATCH a futuristic world where a charming android keeps company to lonely people | FULL MOVIE

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Bored with the routine? Depressed by the thought of going to bed alone every night? Juliet is the first super-competent companion robot, and she’s waiting for you!

On the occasion of Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, discover “Juliet” (2015) a short film by Marc-Henri Boulier, reflecting on our society and the evolution of our relationship with technology and consumption.

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Production company: Insolence Productions

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  1. Great, bring it on! I don't care about all that, I just want a young, hot wife for the rest of my life.
    I like the video, but it's crazy to think robots will cause people to become isolated – it's already always been the case! Films, TV, Facebook, Insta, online gaming, prostitution, they are all used by people that rarely interact with anyone directly. There are many who are in un-happy relationships for years, or all thier lives, so who can't afford to find someone new, or are too frightened of thier partner.
    Don't fools yourself, our problems already exist, Robots are just another tool we'll use to deal with them.
    But great film! ??

    Speaking of computers solving problems, here's the Google Translate version of my comment…. ? if it makes sense:

    Super, amenez-le! Je m'en fous de tout ça, je veux juste une femme jeune et sexy pour le reste de ma vie.
    J'aime la vidéo, mais c'est fou de penser que les robots vont isoler les gens – ça a déjà toujours été le cas ! Films, TV, Facebook, Insta, jeux en ligne, prostitution, ils sont tous utilisés par des personnes qui interagissent rarement directement avec qui que ce soit. Il y en a beaucoup qui sont dans des relations malheureuses pendant des années, ou toute leur vie, donc qui ne peuvent pas se permettre de trouver quelqu'un de nouveau, ou qui ont trop peur de leur partenaire.
    Ne vous trompez pas, nos problèmes existent déjà, les robots ne sont qu'un autre outil que nous utiliserons pour les résoudre.
    Mais super film ! ? ??