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A likeness of humans, robots are a reality in the future. The only thing that distinguishes us from them is that we can still control them – but for how long if they have assumed the characteristics that seemed to identify us as human beings? How long? if we exceed by them in physical force. The promise is a short film that looks at the future reality of a world in which those things created by man are a step to be confused with us.

“The Promise” by Erwin Jaquez

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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise” | DUST


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සදුවව හොල්මන් කරපු මැජික් එක ? | ඇත්තම හොල්මනක්ද | gaming sadu


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  1. িেূটওেদরপেূটপূটেূটুুেূটওেূটিেেটূএেওূরওেীরূোূটওেওূুূটপুেূুূেূওটুটিূেূিূটুওেটূরুেেওূটওরূূুওরেটওটীএিেটুওুূটুওূওরপওওরুুুুুুউুউুউুুুুুুুুওুঔুু

  2. Excellent short – beautiful appearance. Gorgeous AI, the actress reminded me another famous actress from old Hollywood that I can't think of her name. My only problem was that she beats the shit out of the scientist/doctor but doesn't disturb a single strand of his terrible toupe'.

  3. Okay. Beginning filmmakers. This is yet another example of what not to do when you're telling the story. No matter how attractive the lead is, it's very boring to have it start with them laying in bed, doing nothing but staring off into the distance.

  4. I think this story was pretty lame. There are too many problems with the script including the mans character. But the girl is worth watching to the end.

  5. My assumption was this was the most popular video merely because of the drop dead gorgeous girl in her underwear rather than exceptional storytelling. And I was right.

  6. What the hell did I just watch? It's obvious that the girl was either a cyborg or a robot, but where is the rest of the story? No information of any kind. Men have enough trouble with women as it is, and you want to give an artificial one the same emotions but they have superhuman strength? Does anyone ever have any kind of common sense at all? "Hey Jeff, I have a great idea! Why don't we create a female robot and make it physically and emotionally identical to a human female, but let's give her superhuman strength so she can do heavy lifting, what could go wrong???" -Hank the robot engineer, prior to getting his head twisted of because he left the toilet seat up.

  7. This is one of the best works of art ive ever experienced. Right up there with Botero, Picasso cubist nudes, Kilmt. Phew, wish I could hang this on my wall.

  8. Uhhh This movie did not have the effect on some of us you think it would have…. Especially the first few minutes of it… @1:31 into this I was starting to lock doors and turn lights off…. =)???

  9. It's a society where one can enjoy services of robots, but those robots can become deviant if someone behaves wrong
    and it's a well enough iknow case so it justify the judgment in the lady's eyes

  10. My ex looked just like the robot, used to take hours to shave her legs.
    She used to throw me about in a similar fashion as well.

  11. I like what you guys are doing but you have a lot of videos, like this, that are just dumb. Wtf was the point of this video?

  12. The cast list has 7 performers, in order of appearance, including 2 medicos. But the whole short film has only 5 characters. What are we missing?

  13. Видать по сути фильм не плохой, как и все краткометражные фильмы, жаль без перевода только!

  14. I don't know why robotics keeps forgetting the Isaac Asimov three laws that would solve all these types of situations. They were so ahead of their times, they should be mandatory in current robotics and AI researches, but it seems that they are not considered enough nowadays.

  15. Why do they always build robots with super-strength? Maybe for a Robocop it makes sense, but a "companion" it's just a waste of money, and a safety hazard.

  16. Вот же облом! Перевёл название: "Обещание", и приписка ДАСТ. Посмотрел – не дала.
    Вернее дала, и не хило так дала, но совсем не то.

  17. He might have been in that place they call the uncanny valley. She had moved into a place we call reality. The woman boss knew he had fallen in love with the Android. That’s why the boss threw her essence (the box) to him. This film can allow for hours of discussion and talk.

  18. Like all the other Dust films, this one's visually interesting, but it's familiar, predictable, boring, amateurish, lacks dramatic tension and subtext — and says nothing. It's as if the writers wake up in the middle of the night and exclaim "I have an idea!" This of course doesn't necessarily equal a GOOD idea. Producing short, vapid, open-ended puzzles does not a genius make.

  19. A robot like that, is a terrible thing to waste. Such fine asstributes too! The woman that took her out gave him the look that said, " Well, I just saved your a**!" I was a very "I told you so," look.

  20. Admittedly , I came to this because of the thumbnail.
    A lovely lady does get ones attention after all.
    But I stayed because the story had a mystery to it and I wanted to see how it ended.
    Pretty much the point of any story isn't it.
    Well done to the makers of this! No excess dialog just decent enough acting to get the point across.