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Njorijanna is preparing for the annual commune, the spirits of old sharing wisdom with the still living.

It is a tradition in Brautardal to once a winter tap into the vast knowledge of past and future that those who shed their corporeal form have attained.

Held in a place the departed soul had closest to heart, the ritual begins with a belly full of mead, followed by pounding rythms and chanting amidst the smoke of old norse herbs.

As the ritual is nearing its completion, a spectral glow starts emanating from the eyes of the host as the living and the dead now share this intersection of realms within one corporeal body.

With the ancient sword “Drakefeller” as a conduit for this particular spirit, not only are those present blessed with wisdom and foresight, the sword itself will retain some of these energies that made it such a formidable weapon generations ago.

Welcome to 2023 Lustgardians! And what a year this will be, new Njorijanna model, new software for creating new chars, new rendering techniques, new goals and new members in the team!


Glad to have you all with us, here, have a horn of our finest juniper-mead!


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Thanks to all my Fans and Supporters!

And special thanks to the Q.C. team, friends and the artist Kveld for the music in the animation!

You can find the full track and more music from him here:

– Alluringsteed

In Lust We Trust!


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