Late January News and Events

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At 1/27/23 10:14 AM, TomFulp wrote:
Things are moving fast, here’s an overview!


Monday was PIXEL DAY! Please take time this weekend to enjoy all the pixel art, animation, games and chiptunes made for the event.

Pixel Day judging is in progress and winners will likely be announced mid-February, after the Best of January have been announced on February 7th.

@ThatJohnnyGuy and @VoicesByCorey are organizing the Audio Portal’s 20th Anniversary Collab! There are roles for music producers, singers, voice actors and podcasters in what should be a legendary audio collab.

@BlueJayNG is hosting a Mind Over Machine Charity Fundraiser to raise money for Trans Lifeline! There’s a fun raffle involved and it all goes to a good cause.

@Graeme, @Stepford @andyl4nd and @milkypossum are hosting a Picayune Dreams Art Contest! If you haven’t played Picayune Dreams yet, do that now:

Today is the deadline to join the Friendly Frog Collab!

@sereneFalconer is organizing a Beat Saber Mod Pack Collab!

February 3rd is the expected kick-off date of a sitewide event that everyone can participate in, stay tuned.

March 26th is the deadline for our Flash Forward Jam. If you’re curious about the status of Ruffle and Flash emulation, I made a Ruffle status post the other week.

Pico Day will be May 6th!

Site Updates

We updated the Global Audio Options form this week, fixing the ability to set your CC license across all your music at once (it had been broken for a while) and adding the ability to set things like “Allow Downloads” and “Allow external API use” globally. The “Allow external API use” box needs to be checked if you want your songs to work in Geometry Dash, so this is a good opportunity to apply your preference to all of your songs at once.

We also fixed a bug where projects that used Scheduled Publishing weren’t getting indexed for tag search results. Scheduled Publishing is available for movies, games and audio but will also be available for Art when the Art Portal Project System migration (in progress) is complete.


A lot of great games have been uploaded this week and a bunch are still waiting to be featured. Here’s all of the games this week ranked by score so you can explore! There’s good stuff in the 3-3.5 score range, if you like it maybe vote 4-5.


@DarqV has been making these cool little Zelda animations based on the original manual artwork from A Link to the Past. It’s fun to imagine a playlist filled with these!

There have been a lot of cool shorts already this year so I’ve started on the Shorts Fest and Pop Shorts Fest 2023 playlists. If you’ve made any fun playlists, feel welcome to share them in this thread!

If you enjoyed Alphabet: The Series, get in on the ground floor of @Delfrig’s latest saga:

I guess that’s it for now, hope everyone has a good weekend! 

Once again here’s @moawling’s gorgeous Pixel Day 2023 banner:


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YungPree - Practice Prod. By JohnnyBangz
1. Hollow Knight Animated Loop


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